At Digiark360 we take a consultative approach to our government integration solutions. Listening carefully to your needs helps us identify and strengthen the design and integration process so we can move the project through on time, on budget and working correctly.

Whether it’s a control room or a video wall, Digiark360 can take on any job with its in-house team of design engineers, software developers and project managers.


A multimedia presentation system allows the presenter to explain topics in a way that is entertaining, interesting, and informative. The two-way presentation tool brings about interactivity and helps the audience understand new things easier. It is most suitable for advertisement.


An Integrated Video & Audio system consists of camera, panel and an audio device with network connectivity to support a multi-location communication. It is an economical and time-efficient alternative to natural face-to-face communication and allows distant businesses to communicate at a worldwide level.


CCTV and security system are mostly used in outlet shops, office blocks and shopping malls. An ideal security system consists of a camera, monitor, and other security equipment. CCTV and security system can help you monitor the remote areas for the purposes of security and communication. Some large shopping malls, department stores and even police stations have installed security system to ensure 24-hour overall surveillance.


With Digiark360 equipment having greatly improved in functionality, central control system can link up all audiovisual equipment effectively to form a user-friendly platform where different functions can be kept under control at a touch of button for improving the process of presentation and communication, reducing unnecessary waste of time, and providing a more fruitful outcome.


Digital signage system can convey real-time and accurate information such as news, weather and directory, and what is more, it provides a medium for interactive communication, catches the attention of passersby easier, builds up the brand image, impresses the patronage and increases profitability. This system is mainly used in office blocks, retail stores, mass media, education, hotel, entertainment business and theaters.


Compared with traditional single-way presentation, interactive style can easily capture the attention and arouse the interest of the audience. Therefore, it is no doubt that more and more interactive solutions, such as interactive whiteboard, simulation system and touch panel have been emerged in the market. Such system is especially suitable for Education and promotional usage.


A highly efficient IT management system hinges on the precise corporate network and synthetically-structured cabling. Precise cabling design not only can ensure the existing system to operate smoothly and also provide enough room for the users to pave the way for their future development. In the meantime, it will enable the management to easily maintain the system in good condition and thus the work efficiency can be greatly enhanced.


Tele presence system provides an instant face-to-face meeting experience with the customer through the network connection. Client can experience an illusion that remote participants are in the same room together. This effect is created by a close configuration of large screen video monitors, high-definition cameras and consistent furniture arrangements across locations.


Global value chains, mobile workforces, social networking, pervasive video, and information overload: this is the new normal. To address these business complexities, Unified Communications products connect people, information, and teams, helping to enable comprehensive and effective collaboration.

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