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Demands on the healthcare industry are drastically increasing as the population ages. Finding innovative and efficient means to manage escalating costs, accelerate field learning, deliver high-quality care, and maximize use of skilled resources is particularly important for healthcare organizations. Furthermore, organizations that deliver healthcare products and services are managing growing complexity in their supply chains, cost structures, operations, and regulatory requirements.

Automation and Control

University and private hospitals, research labs and health science centers utilize audio/video technology to teach, collaborate and disseminate information. Digiark360 solutions include audio and video distribution systems, multimedia processors, camera control, lighting and climate control. Create a state-of-the-art simulation lab, multi-room training environment, distance learning or telemedicine system. We can streamline and simplify sophisticated technology, placing total control at your fingertips from easy-to-use touch panels, keypads or remotes so healthcare professionals can focus on patients and medicine.

Videoconferencing and Tele Presence

Healthcare organizations the world over are turning to video collaboration solutions to improve care and reduce cost. Collaborative healthcare solutions enable patient centered care, multi-disciplinary team support, reduction of unnecessary re-hospitalizations, and collaboration across the entire healthcare team independent of physical barriers.

Collaborative healthcare solutions:

Improve patient care and extend access, Enable collaboration across the healthcare team for better outcomes and reduced cost, Provide education to patients and healthcare providers independent of location, Support prevention and wellness programs for decreased healthcare costs, Improve hospital work flow and operational efficiencies.

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